Over 100 Dutch and cross-border transactions
A wide range of sectors
Larger SMEs, mid-market and healthcare

At Orange Corporate Finance we are proud of every transaction we successfully close. Since 1996 we have been involved in over 100 transactions in The Netherlands and abroad. Below you will find a selection of transactions that have been fully self-sourced and closed by us. Our clients are primarily companies from the larger SME, the ‘Mid-market’ and the healthcare sector.

What makes a transaction a successful deal? First of all, when we achieve the maximum result for our client. We also value the process of getting there. Do all parties look back on a smooth and well-organised transaction? If you like, we can get you in touch with some of our clients. They will be happy to share their personal experience with Orange Corporate Finance.


In addition to corporate clients, we have been advising (international) companies and institutions in the healthcare sector on corporate finance and governance issues since 2003.

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