• Date:
    March 2021
  • Client:
  • Sector:
    Contact center, Services
  • Service:
    Sell-side advisory

Soleo acquired HMS

The Soleo Groep acquired HMS Contact Centers and HMS Customer Care in March 2021. Both are active in the contact center market. With the acquisition of HMS, the Soleo Groep strengthens its position in the Dutch market by operating from several cities and expanding with a reputable company with a large and loyal customer base. In addition, the growth strategy of the Soleo Groep aligns with the business succession of HMS. This acquisition assures a secure future with good prospects.

Orange Corporate Finance acted as advisor to the seller and coordinated the transaction process.

HMS is a multichannel contact center and works for national and international organizations. Since its foundation in 1993, HMS has been focusing on in improving customer contacts via innovation. As a result, HMS has grown from a B2B outbound telemarketing company to one of the best service-providing multichannel contact centers in the Netherlands. HMS has two business sectors: HMS Contact Center and HMS Customer Care. HMS Contact Centers focuses on outbound telemarketing. HMS Customer Care provides inbound customer care. HMS operates from offices in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Nijmegen and Amsterdam, and employs approximately 250 people. HMS provides its services according to the highest quality standards ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

Soleo Groep

The Soleo Groep was founded in 2008 in Deventer and currently employs about 900 people operating from 11 locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Curaçao. By offering optimal customer contact throughout the customer journey, the Soleo Groep has grown into a full service contact center; commerce, service and digital. The combined use of people and technology ensures the desired results. In addition, Soleo Media offers a specialized online department with high-tech knowledge in the field of databases, CMS and online campaigns.

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