• Date: June 2020
  • Client: Blom Elektrotechniek BV
  • Sector: Building and construction, Electrical engineering
  • Service: Buy-side advisory

Blom Elektrotechniek has acquired a majority stake in Schipper Electrotechniek

As of June 2020, Blom Elektrotechniek has acquired the majority of shares in Schipper Electrotechniek. In addition to Noord-Holland and Utrecht, Blom was already operational in Zuid-Holland. With the takeover, Blom strengthens its position in Zuid-Holland and expands its operations to Zeeland. Both companies target primarily, as permanent construction partners of leading construction companies, on serial housing construction.

Orange Corporate Finance acted as advisor to Blom and coordinated the transaction process.

Schipper Electrotechniek

Schipper & Zn. Electrotechniek was founded in 1930 by the grandfather of the former owner. The company is located in Nieuwe Tonge. Over the years, Schipper has specialised in residential development, ranging from advanced home automation applications in luxury villas or care homes to technical installations in large-scale housing projects on Vinex locations. In addition, it takes care of the major maintenance of installations in houses of housing corporations. Schipper counts over 100 employees.


Blom Elektrotechniek

Blom Elektrotechniek was founded 50 years ago. It is a strong and healthy family business with a  flat structure and short lines. Blom Elektrotechniek is a solid and committed employer for over 125 permanent employees. The company has branches in Warmenhuizen and Beverwijk and is leader in the industry for electrical, data and security installations. It is advisor, co-maker, installer and preferred construction team partner for leading clients in residential and non-residential construction. It is frontrunner in development and focuses on quality, continuity and unburdening clients. On of the first specialised in working with 3D and BIM programmes. Blom advises, designs, engineers, realises and maintains. It is environmentally conscious and has versatile certifications.


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