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Orange Corporate Finance is the partner of choice for your key financial-strategic decisions. When acquiring a company, when attracting growth capital or arranging debt, when selling your company or specific business units, we are by your side.

We support companies in every stage of their development and growth. Being truly independent we only have one focus: looking after your interests. Our experienced team is ready to help you realise your ambitions.

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Mergers and acquisitions

Orange CF - sale of the company

Selling your company

You have put your heart and soul into your company, we will help you successfully sell it. With sincere interest in the people behind your business, we want to know all about your dreams and goals. What time frame do you have in mind? Does a pre-exit fit? Together we will create a strategy that feels just right and search for potential candidates in our (inter)national network. You can count on us to get the transaction you are looking for.

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Acquiring a company

The acquisition of a company or business unit is a strategic growth opportunity, we will eliminate the risks. With over 25 years of experience, perseverance and creativity we will turn your next acquisition into a success. We help identify potential acquisition candidates and approach them with great care. We know communication during acquisitions is critical and operate in a meticulously discrete and strategic way. Henceforth, we coordinate the entire process from valuation and financing to the coordination of the diligence investigation and the final closing.

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M&A Research

Growth by acquisition? Let us do the underlying analyses. As the M&A partner of your company or private equity firm we help define your acquisition profile and systematically map potential acquisition targets. We analyse paid purchase prices and perform market multiples analyses. Such a firm grip on the facts allows room for intuition and business instinct. That is the true added value of Orange Corporate Finance.

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Growth equity & debt advisory

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Growth equity

Growth capital can take your company to the next level. Raising capital requires careful consideration and that’s exactly where our core strength lies. We know from experience that the entry of an investor in the share capital is a balancing act between ratio and emotion. We are here to assist you with valuable insights on different growth equity providers, in The Netherlands and abroad. At Orange Corporate Finance we have our own network of wealthy informal investors and family offices we do business with. We will find the right partner to responsibly turn your growth ambitions into reality.

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Debt advisory

Boost your company while retaining full ownership. Let us acquire or restructure debt so you can expand your working capital and allow your business to grow.
We have a lot of experience in arranging LMA-based multi-bank club deals and a track record in the mid-market segment, in The Netherlands and abroad. Depending on your specific situation and objectives, we can assist you with regular corporate financing of your real estate, assets and working capital, leveraged financing of an acquisition, full refinancing of equity and debt (recap), whether or not in combination with attracting junior debt such as mezzanine loans. Whatever choices we make, you will soon be doing business at full speed.

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Corporate Finance services

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Business valuation

It can be invaluable to know exactly what your company is worth. In preparation for a company sale an expert business valuation is absolutely critical. We provide you with the most accurate and detailed valuation insights you need to consider your options and optimize your company’s value. We carry out many valuations each year, also as part of a sale process, restructuring, refinancing or tax issues.
At your request we can work together with our network of Register Valuators.

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When things get really challenging, we are at our very best. Over the past 25 years, we have advised numerous entrepreneurs in the financial restructuring of their businesses. Being independent, we are fully committed to the interests of shareholders and supervisory boards. In situations of financial distress, we can work with highly regarded insolvency specialists and negotiate on your behalf with loan capital providers. We can also help you attract new capital. Do you want to to sell (part of) the company to release funds? We will help you sell at maximum profit.

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Financial and strategic advice

Based on our experience in solving critical business issues we have become a
strategic consultant and sparring partner at board level. Our advice frequently transcends acquisition and merges.

Financial and strategic advice: 

  • Preparing or reviewing business plans  
  • (Re)formulating strategy  
  • Value management 
  • Financial modelling  
  • Acquisition or sales preparation 

Your business pivoting partner

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