International network
Global contacts and market expertise
Local legal and tax specialists

International transaction demand a whole different level of tact and analyses. Are you expanding abroad? We will help you keep the right perspective, while focusing on your targets.

Over the last 25 years we have accompanied a large number of international transactions for Dutch and foreign buyers and sellers. Among these clients are a number of stock-market listed companies.

International network


We work with our own dedicated network of foreign merger and acquisition firms. This gives us direct access to local representation and expertise. Our global corporate finance network allows us to attract international buyers for Dutch clients and vice versa.

These past decades we have done negotiations, mostly on site, with potential business partners around the world. This has led to the international sale and acquisition of numerous companies and business units. In the preparation of the final deal we work together closely with local legal and tax specialists.

Are you considering a transaction in Europe or elsewhere? Our network and expertise are at your disposal.

Orange Cf has the right international network …

Mr. Janssen, CEO company IKS

Success knows no borders

We will explore your international opportunities to:

  • sell your company
  • find an investor
  • buy a company or business unit

Contact us, regardless of the country of region of your interest. We would like to hear all about your plans and see how we can help you expand internationally.