• Date:
    November 2009
  • Client:
    MedWaste Control Benelux BV
  • Sector:
    Services, waste
  • Service:
    Sell-side advisory

MedWaste Control Benelux BV – Stericycle Inc.

In November 2009, USA-based Stericycle,  started partcipating in MedWaste Control Benelux B.V. 

Stericycle Inc.

Stericycle Inc. is one of the leading organizations in medical waste management in a market with increasingly complex and highly regulated arenas, including compliance and sustainability waste services, brand protection solutions and customer contact solutions.

MedWaste Control Benelux B.V.

MedWaste Control Benelux B.V. has its headquarters in Maastricht, the Netherlands. They focus on the collection, transport and processing of medical waste that is traded with companies that produce medical waste in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany.